Welcome to the c>log !

Wow! So this is the blogosphere? I’m in the act of “blogging” now? Cool! Somehow I thought it would be more lively, but I guess that’s up to me isn’t it?

So I thought I would start a blog but with a commercial and cultural emphasis on art, popular culture and trend spotting. I am involved with all three of these subjects in a commercial way through the promotion and sale of my art.

So, since this is a blog (weblog) and since I’m making it “commercial”, I have chosen to call this blog a clog (commercial weblog). And, when I’m updating my site you may say that I am “clogging“. My clogging may “clog” up the blogosphere, but hey what’s a little more content here and there, huh? Somehow, the nomenclature should reflect something clunky and DOS-like. Now dubbed, c>log !

If you are reading this, then my clog is working (you’ve been clogged).

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