Hulk Hogan’s Son Arrested For Role In “Accidental” Crash

Hulk Hogan’s son turned himself in Wednesday on
charges stemming from a street-racing crash this summer that critically
injured a passenger in his car, police said.

Nick Bollea, 17, was arrested on charges of reckless driving
involving serious bodily injury.

Police said Bollea was racing his father’s 1998 Toyota Supra against
a Dodge Viper on Aug. 26 when the car Bollea was driving struck a curb,
spun across two lanes of traffic and slammed rear-end first into a
tree. His passenger, John Graziano, was critically injured and is currently comatose at a hospital.

Here is a list of Nick’s recent traffic violations. Nobody saw this coming? Nobody?

9/17/06 Nick was driving a black Mercedes when he was stopped for speeding. He claimed that he had a family emergency, and was let go
with a warning. He was stopped 19 miles later going 115 mph in a 70 mph
zone and issued a $305.50 citation.
2/8/07 Nick was ticketed in Dade County, Florida for driving 57 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Nick was ticketed for driving 106 mph in a 70 mph zone in Osceola County.  He was convicted and received four points on his license.
8/10/07 Nick was ticketed in Pinellas Park after his 1998 Toyota was
recorded going 82 mph in a 45 mph construction zone while workers were
present. He pleaded no contest, was fined $1,000, and received another four points on his license. He was also ordered to attend a 12 hour driver improvement school.

Nick was arrested again on November 7, 2007 for Reckless Driving
Causing Serious Bodily Injury. He was then brought to Pinellas County

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