Jac Mac and Rad Boy — Go!

Anyone familiar with late-night 80’s cable shows will most likely be into the classic series Night Flight, an program which showcased cutting-edge music videos and state-of-art animation in a strange cut-and-paste montage of non-stop video. Night Flight was kind of a “poor man’s MTV”.

One of Night Flight’s more interesting cartoons was a cult epic called Jac Mac and Radboy – GO! Directed by Wesley Archer (from The Simpsons and King of the Hill) and starred two strange-looking youth who find out about a party and decide to drive over.

The crazy duo stop at a convenience store to pick up some booze. After charging through the front windows of the store with their loot, they zoom past police cars and other whacky obstacles toward the big finale where the boys ram their car underneath a big rig hauling a cargo of nuclear warheads, which sets off a gigantic atomic explosion that blows Jac Mac and RadBoy straight to hell where they must spend eternity, tortured by creepy looking demons and what-not. “We’ll never get to the party now!” screams Rad Boy. No you won’t Rad, no you won’t…and neither will you Jac Mac. Ultimato!

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