ALERT: Huge Art Heist In Zurich



An armed gang of three thieves with very good taste in art robbed the Emil Georg Bührle Collection in Zurich, Switzerland of four major paintings last Wednesday night. The paintings are currently valued at about $163.2 million dollars. However, these paintings are so well-known that they could never be sold on the open market a museum official said.

The stolen paintings consist of major works by the artists Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh.

The theft of this historical art is considered to be the largest art heist in the last twenty years. A Zurich police official has stated that the thieves stole “the four finest in the Zurich museum’s collection.” The police described the art heist as “spectacular” in its speed, its precision and its thoroughness. The thieves are still at large but they do have some very lovely pictures to look at while they lay low.

This tragic event is just two days after two  paintings by the ever famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picassso, were stolen from an exhibit in the Zurich area. The Zurich police say that they have no concrete clues in this case and the stolen artwork is valued at around $4.5 million dollars.

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