Elvis Wanted Alive $3 Million Reward


Elvis is alive myth started shortly after Elvis Presley’s death
in August 1977. Is it true? Most people believe that Elvis died, as reported
in the media, but there is very compelling evidence that causes many people
to think that Elvis is still alive.

is a breakdown of evidence from both sides of the debate:


Media and witnesses saw his body at the funeral in a copper lined casket.
Doctors performed an autopsy on Elvis’ corpse.

Elvis was found dead in the Graceland bathroom on the second floor.
Elvis wouldn’t fake his death with Lisa Marie in the house.
Elvis loved performing. He wouldn’t fake his death with more opportunities to perform.
Elvis was buried in a special grave at Graceland after being moved from his original burial site.
There is no concrete evidence that Elvis is alive.


The body was not Elvis. Face was “waxy.”  The nose and hands were not his according to witnesses.
Elvis’ autopsy is officially sealed.  The DNA evidence does not match.
His face was discolored, making him hard to recognize. Friends may be helping him to hide.
Elvis faked his death to protect his daughter Lisa Marie.
Elvis was depressed, financially stressed and had received many death threats toward the end of his public life.
Elvis was first buried at a cemetery but was moved to Graceland by his father for “security reasons.”
There have been a number of documented Elvis sightings since 1977.


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