Original Art For Rolling Stones Logo Sells At Auction


A simple logo concept which took a band’s anti-authority attitude and the lead singer’s lips and tongue has become one of the world’s most recognizable brand images. The logo was designed to be instantly recognized by anyone in the world and in a style that would hopefully stand the test of time. We are, of course, talking about the famous Rolling Stones which first adorned an album in 1971 (inner sleeve Sticky Fingers album). Contrary to popular belief, the logo was not designed by Andy Warhol, the famous pop artist and friend of the Rolling Stones. Andy did, however, design the cover for Sticky Fingers, complete with functional zipper.

The Rolling Stones logo was designed by John Pasche and was originally hand drawn and painted by him. Recently in London, the original artwork was sold at auction for the high bid of $92,500. The high bidder and the new proud owner of Tongue and Lips is London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The logo is now officially registered worldwide in order to protect what is probably be the most ripped-off logo in history. Oh, and a proper licensing arrangement and merchandising agreement is in place too. So, you’ll have to buy an authorized version of your next Stones t-shirt. C’mon now, give the artist his due…



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