Grateful Dead Pyramid Performances Released


The Grateful Dead played a series of their legendary concerts thirty years ago in a very mystical place – at the foot of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. Not unfamiliar with strange happenings, the Grateful Dead’s equipment truck got stuck in the sand on the way to set up for the shows. The equipment and the trucks were towed to the concert site with the aid of camels. Film crews accompanied the band to Egypt and the end result was some very striking concert footage which is now available on a two DVD set entitled Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978 (Grateful Dead/Rhino). Some unusual non-concert footage of the Grateful Dead touring Egypt is also included. The album’s producer has ensured that only the best of the sets is included on this special DVD collector’s set. And, a special segment shows the Grateful Dead playing under a full lunar eclipse. Way cool! Look for it….


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