Fashion Alert: Shoulder Pads Are Back!


What comes around, goes around. So the saying goes. Most often, though, it is true. And when it does finally go around, it usually haunts us. In this case, ladies, you are about to be haunted by what is arguably the most lasting symbol of feminine fashion from the 1980s – yes, shoulder pads are back in style. The major designers have slipped those little rubber pads into jackets once again. And we all know those little rubber pads will get bigger and bigger as more and more women pad their shoulders.


Nobody is really sure why these shoulder pads have a place in women’s fashion at all. Are they proving strength in the workplace? Strength in general? Some people would like to believe that and more. But, it’s really not too hard to figure out after all. The wider shoulders make the waist look smaller. The waists are much bigger this time so we’re predicting bigger shoulder pads to compensate for the increased girth. It also could be possible that hair styles will once again gain size and volume as the shoulder pads grow in size and volume. Yes, the return of mall hair….be prepared.

 Dirque du Soleil
 He’s from the past, so he knows the future...

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