DJ Super Buffet Is The Selector


The term originally applied to disc jockeys who spinned reggae and dancehall music is Selector. In this particular situation, the Selector selects the riddim which is the beat to which the toaster sang his rhymes. Most often, the riddim is an instrumental song and there are many different types of riddims. The only requirement is a strong bassline and drum pattern. Dem Bow riddims, reggae riddims, lovers rock, dub riddims, ragga riddims and dancehall riddims all make up the groove to which our friends the Jamaicans, and now the rest of the world, have become accustomed to hearing in music originating from the Caribbean.

The Selector’s selections have been a regular feature at this website and they have proven to be very popular among our visitors. Check out these selections and try some music from the far corners of the record store. In expanding his role as Selector, DJ Super Buffet has selected not only reggae and ska music for you but some rockabilly, some punk, some lounge music and even some mambo music. All very diggable! All available on iTunes.

Special Selections from The Selector
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