Looking For The Best Vintage Distressed T-Shirts?


Well look no further. We use a secret technique invented by our artist to produce the best and most realistic looking distressed vintage t-shirts in the business. You won’t see any fake looking computer patterns here! Our distressed vintage tee-shirt finishes look proper and correct – not fake! You won’t be disappointed in these distressed vintage t-shirts. They look old – like you like it.

Our t-shirts arrive looking absolutely great and ready to go! We use a special direct printing method rather than traditional silk screening. So, you won’t feel the weight and scratchiness of that thick silk screen ink when you wear our t-shirts! All you’ll feel is that soft (very soft) pure cotton. The t-shirts will “fluff up” over time as they are put through the wash. Close your eyes and run your hands over one of our high quality t-shirts – you can’t even tell something is printed on the t-shirt! Amazing, and very cool. After a couple of washes, these t-shirts will soften up and look worn – but, it’s a brand new t-shirt, ready for years and years of faithful service. Visit the EricHatheway.com Online Store today. You’ll feel and see the difference. Happy shopping, you’ll look great!

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