Photo Study: Sunday Morning Coming Up


Sunday Morning Coming Down, written by Kris Kristofferson and made immortal by Johnny Cash, has been called the “best drinking song of all time.” It’s not a song about drinking, per se, but rather the dreadful morning after a big Saturday night out. But, before Sunday morning can come down, Sunday morning must come up. So here is what a bright Sunday morning coming up looks like through the eyes of a photographer, not necessarily through the eyes of a person who might be experiencing the pain of the song at the moment.

Sunday Morning Coming Up
©2009 Eric Hatheway
All Rights Reserved
Well I woke up Sunday morning,
With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad,
So I had one more for dessert.
Then I fumbled through my closet for my clothes,
And found my cleanest dirty shirt.
An’ I shaved my face and combed my hair,
An’ stumbled down the stairs to meet the day.

I’d smoked my brain the night before,
On cigarettes and songs I’d been pickin’.
But I lit my first and watched a small kid,
Cussin’ at a can that he was kicking.
Then I crossed the empty street,
‘n caught the Sunday smell of someone fryin’ chicken.
And it took me back to somethin’,
That I’d lost somehow, somewhere along the way.

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