Fine Art: Four Visible Senses


This is another of the mixed media assemblages that have been created over the past couple of years. It is comprised of old film scraps, rub-off type, transparent tape, opaque tape, colored pencils, threads, photos and half-tone screens. This piece is interesting in that it is made from film scraps and other project leftovers from a client who still owes me thousands of dollars – you know who you are and I still know where you live….

Thanks for viewing. Many more to come so please stay tuned. Spread the good word about art!


Four Visible Senses
Mixed Media
©2008 Eric Hatheway
All Rights Reserved
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One thought on “Fine Art: Four Visible Senses”

  1. Eric –

    Really enjoyed the piece. You’ve given me a couple of ideas for my own ‘collages’.

    What’s the finished size? How do you display the piece?

    Look forward to more.

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