Photo Study: Shadow Play No. 1


Photographer’s love the morning light for its vibrance and clarity. Colors are richer, shadows are longer, and things can be noticed in this light that won’t be the same as when the lighting is even and consistent. This is a formal composition inasmuch as the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in this work of art is seen as distinct from the subject of the work itself. Formal composition can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art and design. In the visual arts, composition is often used interchangeably with various terms such as design, form, visual ordering, or formal structure, depending on the context of the work. It should be noted that the background in this image is its natural color and no adjustments were made for white balance in camera or during post processing. Thanks for visiting and please visit often!


 Shadow Play No. 1 (Version 1)
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