Special Agent Presley

Even though he was a heavy user of various medications at the time, Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, desired to become an agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. He made this known to the President at the time, Richard Nixon, by way of a letter which was hand-delivered to the White House. Elvis wanted to fight illegal drugs and he wanted to be a Special Drug Agent.

Elvis & Nixon

On December 12, 1970 a meeting was scheduled for Elvis to meet President Richard Nixon for the purpose of receiving his Special Agent credentials. The famous meeting occurred in the Oval Office of the White House and Elvis was packing a vintage Colt 45 that he gave to President as a gift. Not many people can go the White House with a large caliber firearm. Elvis did.

Agent Presley's Badge

Later that day, after the ceremony, Elvis Presley got his badge and ID that made him Special Agent Elvis A. Presley of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Agent Presley's War On Drugs

Elvis, to our knowledge, never enforced any laws pertaining to dangerous and illegal drugs; but, he was heavily involved in “field research” as we all know.

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