Playboy Bunnies were cocktail waitresses at the Playboy Club. Originally open from 1960 to 1988, except for a short revival in Las Vegas from 2006 to 2012, the Playboy Club no longer exists.

The Bunnies had to know 143 brands of liquor and how to garnish over 20 cocktail recipe variations. In addition, the Bunnies had to learn certain maneuvers to work at the Playboy Club. They had to stand a certain way in front of customers. This was called the “Bunny Stance.” While resting or waiting in the club, a Bunny had to sit on the back of a chair or rail without sitting too close to the customers. This was called the “Bunny Perch.”


The most famous requirement of the Bunnies though, was slick movement called the “Bunny Dip.” To perform this action, the Bunny had to lean backwards very gracefully while bending at the knees with the left knee lifted up and tucked behind the other leg.


The Bunny Dip was conceived in order to allow the Bunny to serve cocktails while keeping her very low-cut Bunny costume in place. A very clever maneuver indeed, although it most certainly deprived the men at the club of the buxom views they were seeking. But then again, that’s what the magazine was for right?

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