Awesome Food: Jamaican Style

Jamaica’s constant tropical climate helps to produce some very succulent and juicy fruits that grow year round. Fruits such as mango, June plum, sweet sop, soursop, ackee, tamarind, sugar cane, guava, Naseberry, Otaheite apples and star apples.

Jamaican food includes popular dishes such as curry goat, ackee and saltfish, fried plantains, jerk, oxtail, fried conch, rice and peas, steamed cabbage and fried dumplings. The bounty of the ocean gives Jamaica some wonderful seafood like Kingfish, Jack, Bonito, Tuna, spiny lobster and Barracuda.

The national fast food on the island is the Jamaican Patty which is an empanada style turnover filled with spiced meat, fish or vegetables. A pocket full of patties will get you through the day fine and dandy!

No trip to Jamaica can be complete without visiting Sweet Spice Restaurant in the heart of Negril. On the popular television show No Reservations, Chef Anthony Bourdain visited Sweet Spice much to his delight. We will be sitting at the “Bourdain Table” for sure!

Just a Jamaican minute away from our beachside residence in Bloody Bay is a little  lobster shack called The Office Of Nature. They serve fresh-caught grilled spiny lobster every day. That’s all they do! Most people who visit The Office Of Nature regret having only gone once while they were on the island.

Fresh caught and grilled to order just for you! The cost is $20 and up depending upon the size. Served with some toasted bread and a frosty Red Stripe beer. Lots of local flair and Jamaican culture.