The Pietà is a subject in Christian art depicting the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus, most often found in sculpture.

©2017  “Pietà”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

Pencil On Paper

Awful Food: Sauerkraut And Tongue Casserole

Listen up! Some pickled cabbage and beef tongue will make this dish the talk of your dinner guests. There won’t be any lack of table conversation this time! Awfully delicious!

Bon Appétit!

Stained Glass

This is an older image was recorded on a Kodak Tri-X Pan 100 film negative using a Minolta XGM camera with a fast f1.2 50mm prime lens. This image, a self-portrait, was manipulated in the darkroom using two different negatives to achieve the composite image. The finished print was then coated with a photographic lacquer and then hand-tinted using a set of Marshall’s Photo-Oil Colors.


©2017 “Stained Glass” Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

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Poorhouse/Crackhouse 2

“You’re right, babe. You got big problems!” Oh yeah you do.

©2017 “Poorhouse/Crackhouse 2” Eric Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Mixed Media on Paper


The Bohemian

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may or may not be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.”

©2017  “The Bohemian”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

Mixed Media On Paper


Flying Saucer

A flying saucer is the term used for a supposed type of flying craft having a disc or saucer-shaped body, commonly used generically to refer to an anomalous flying object. Here are some plans for one. Authentic you ask? Ancient astronaut theorists say, “Yes!”

©2017  “Flying Saucer”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

Adobe Illustrator, Digital Prints


Split Self-Portrait

A self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by that artist. The self-portrait supposes in theory the use of a mirror. So, how about two mirrors?

©2017  “Split Self-Portrait”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved