Steve & Hank

Steve flunks in School Meeting

Steve needs a laxative. Steve feels rotten at school meeting.

Steve suffers from the symptoms of constipation; his thoughts are fuzzy.


Hank Wins Hands Down

Hank needs a laxative. Hank feels swell.

“Never put off till tonight, the laxative you need this morning.”

Mechanical And Automatic?

Question: Should washing, dressing, eating, etc. be mechanical and automatic?

Answer: Yes, these very necessary personal habits should be completed with a minimum of energy. This will leave your thoughts free to concentrate on more important problems.

Awful Food: Ham In Aspic

Put some ham in a savory jelly made with meat stock and your guests will think you went to an awful lot of trouble. Little do they know that aspic is a by-product of mass animal processing, being extracted along with glue and fertiliser from bones, hooves, hides and tails. Mmmm good!

Bon appétit!