Awful Food: Lamb Aspic

Chop leg of lamb into pieces; cook and brown the lamb well all around. Cover and cook over high heat until boiling; reduce heat and simmer until meat is tender.  Remove all bones and then completely ruin the lamb by adding softened gelatin. Don’t forget to remove the layer of solidified fat from the top before serving.

Bon appétit! Or, non appétit?

Teenage Hi-Fi

For less than $25 you can construct a compact cabinet to house your youngster’s hi-fi and record collection.

If You Have Had No Warning

If you have had no warning in an A-Bomb attack.

When you see a flash of light brighter than the sun:

• Don’t run: there isn’t time.
• Fall flat on your face.
• Get down fast!

Stay down for at least one minute.

Space Puppets

The brightest stars in the sky are Andy Astronaut and Mandy Martian – let them shine in your puppet show now. We made Mandy in bright green jersey, Andy in silver fabric, but you may choose your own colors. Their facial features may be painted, embroidered or cut from felt.


On August 6, 1956, a Mr. Tom Fennessey of Libby, Montana received 35 stimulants from Corner Drug & Prescriptions. No cost to him.

Receipt No. 15976

You’ll Love Paddy!

Before Chia Pets, there was Paddy and you’ll love his growing hair. the amazing novelty adored by thousands. Sure – ’tis magic! Fill Paddy with water, spread seed, watch miraculous growth of bright green hair, eyebrows, sideburns.

Grows for months, can be planted many times. Durable pottery, rich suntan color, 5″ tall – a lovable unusual gift.

Peace On Earth, Goodwill To All

Peace on Earth

Madonna and Child 2

Goodwill to All

Madonna and Child 1

Merry Christmas!