Gravity Makes You Feel Heavy

If the earth had no gravity, you would have no weight. No one would have weight. Everyone would fly into space!

How To Run A Coffee House

Recipes, decor, entertainment … this book lists these and everything else necessary to start and maintain one of these profitable and popular establishments. Eleven sections in all, entertainingly written by the staff of the “Upper Cellar,” San Diego’s most successful coffee house.

What A Pity!

“Yet she could banish her superfluous hair entirely.”

Wear The Best To Look Your Best

From Samson’s of Fifth Avenue … be a winner! Regardless of your age, a truly fine hairpiece can do wonders for your appearance and morale. May we suggest Samson’s permanent-base hairpiece that won’t fade, kink, tear or lose its shape.

Sleep, swim, shower while wearing it – this is the one hairpiece you can enjoy with confidence. Forget the badly made ones you may have seen … a Samson Hairpiece is everything we promise.