A Message From Captain Video

Hello there, Video Rangers!

On all my perilous adventures in the far corners of the earth, the ability to remain alert, to think and act wisely and quickly in the face of grave danger … saved my life and the lives of others, many times!

That’s something you want to remember whatever you do, whether it’s crossing the streets, playing sports, or coming upon the scene of an accident. If you think and act wisely and act quickly you will avert tragedy and grow up to be a strong and fearless Video Ranger!

Captain Video and His Video Rangers was an American science fiction television series aired on the DuMont Television Network from 1949 until 1955. It is estimated that more than 1,500 episodes were produced during that time.

Here is the opening sequence for the show ….

Author: Dirque du Soleil

He's from the past so he's knows the future.

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