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Baby Beatniks

Baby beatniks go to a party in Brighton, Australia. They look like really cool kittens.

Dress Right For Safety

Dress right for safety in the shipyard! You may look well dressed but you will be safer dressed like this …

Shag Carpet Rake

A natural for combing the beauty back into your carpeting. Rigid, durable hi-impact head (14″ wide) with 13 tines that will not tear, snag or harm carpet. Sturdy but lightweight, easier to use than others we’ve tried. Double lacquered 4 ft. wood handle. Get one for a friend too, she’ll love you for it.

The Shirt Suit Supreme

This is the great one! Never have we seen a suit more dramatic … more flattering … more certain to make every dress occasion one to remember! Two-tone elegance, capped by the removable 17″ removable ruffle down the front of the shirt – and matching 17″ removable ruffles on each leg!

The Colossal Dog Ear Collar

Their eyes will open wide when they get a look at you in this huge 12″ dog ear collar shirt. The new two-tone idea is carried out in contrasting color around the exciting collar and at the ends of the covered button cuffs. Silk crepe fabric blended of 80% rayon, 20% nylon. There NEVER was a collar like this!

Handy Handbooks For Girl Watching

These are strange and interesting covers for a 1950s publication called A Handy Handbook For Girl Watching. It is dedicated to all serious scholars and connoisseurs of beautiful women. This book includes the latest reports from enterprising ardent devotees throughout the world.

These vintage publications are just guides to girl watching. Perhaps they are not as “handy” as the other ones?

Speedbump The Roadkill Possum

Speedbump The Roadkill Possum is a very whacky animated series of short cartoons produced by Greg Harrison and David Powers for MTV’s Liquid Television series. The animations feature the voice of Mike Geier as Speedbump and the sounds of the Useless Playboys for the soundtrack.

Speedbump The Roadkill Possum in “Buck-A-Roost” (Aired on 11/12/92)

Speedbump The Roadkill Possum in Batt’ry Filed (Aired on 10/29/92)

Speedbump The Roadkill Possum in Slippry When Wet (Aired on 10/8/92)