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Goodbye Earth!

Well folks, today is the end of the world. Planet X, or Nibiru, is a mythological planet in our solar system that will supposedly crash into Earth and wipe out the human race. Some say that day is today.

We Can Get You Any Kind Of Insurance

Insurance is a practice or arrangement by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. In theory, most anything can be insured against potential losses – even Go-Go girls!

Insure yourself against Go-Go girl losses!

We accept Go-Go Girl Insurance … ask for Cookie.

Spike The Punch

When a drink is spiked it means that alcohol has been added to the drink. The intoxicating liquid can be added to any drink including soft drinks, juice, water or other alcohols. In this case, Beefeater Gin in a fruit punch of some sort.

Cheers (in advance)!

Bachelor’s Datebook

Here’s how to succeed with women! Wallet sized to slip in any pocket. With listings from A to Z and brief pads for personal notations. Includes a handy pen for that phone number.

I Was Having A Bad Day

She was having a bad day when she met Len. Just look at her!

Too many truck drivers out there!

She asks again, not expecting this …

Tragedy yet again. Another damn truck driver!

The End

How To Pour The Perfect Beer In 9 Easy Steps

This video is an instructional video from the Stella Artois brewery in Belgium. In this video you will learn how to pour the perfect beer in nine easy steps. That’s all … just nine steps. If the bar is busy all bets are off.

You are bound to get thirstier watching your bartender go through this ritual for every Stella poured. But, on the other hand, wouldn’t you like the next person who pours you a beer to take this much care? Cheers!

A Sailor’s Tour Of The Liquor Cabinet

Sailor Martin, as described by his creator and “handler”, is an unspeakably vile tattooed and pierced sailor (ventriloquist dummy) who stars in some very funny video mash-ups of vintage songs and public domain films.

In this hilarious short film, Sailor Martin gives us what could only be described as a sailor’s tour of the liquor cabinet. Hang on for a wild ride as you discover some new cocktail recipes with Sailor Martin!