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Atomic Suit

Atomic suit inflated with conditioned air. The girl in the picture is wearing an anti-radiation suit. She is ready for her atomic job, handling a Geiger counter and protected by the inflated plastic garment. She can detect floating radioactive particles without danger of contamination. Goodyear-made, the suit is air-conditioned for comfort.

Put It On …

Now – you see people – they can’t see you. Hey space cadet, a paper bag works the same way – just add peep holes.

Order yours today! Or, just use a paper bag.

Americans Like To Travel

On an average day more than 8 million people fly. In 2013 total passenger numbers were 3.1 billion. Americans like to travel.

Space Disintegrator

The Space Disintegrator Gun and Helmet! Has magnetic vibrator, operated by two standard “D” size electric torch battery cells. When trigger is pressed the gun gives off “cosmic sound vibrations” – sounds like a machine gun. At the same time the ray head flashes out light rays!

Labor (See Laborious)

Have a very happy Labor Day!



1. Marked by or requiring long, hard work: spent many laborious hours on the project.
2. Hard-working; industrious, laborious



1. involving great exertion or long effort
2. given to working hard

3. (of literary style, etc.) not fluent laboriously

And, on a lighter note …. 

Weed Beer Indeed

Here we go again. The long arm of the law is once again reaching into places where it doesn’t belong. What now you say? Well, it seems that a small town in California, named Weed, is the home to a micro-brew called Weed Ales & Lagers and is brewed by Mt. Shasta Brewing Company using some of the purest water in world.

In a clever play on words that just smacks of clever humor and good old salesmanship, the bottle cap of the beer exhorts the customer to “Try Legal Weed.” Encircling the slogan is sub-text that reads, “A Friend In Weed Is A Friend Indeed.” Just so there is no confusion here, Weed Beer is 100% legal to brew and drink – marijuana is not an ingredient in this beer – it’s just a simple reference to the town where the beer is manufactured and distributed.

The Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms (ATF) is in a dither over Weed Beer’s slogan choice. Ruling that the slogan and the name of beer is an “obvious drug reference” the ATF has asked the brewer to cease using the slogan on its bottle caps at the risk of being fined and/or sanctioned by the federal government. The ATF also claims that the slogan misleads consumers about the ingredients of the beer. Does anybody actually believe that there is a legal beer for sale containing marijuana as an active ingredient?

Weed, California, population 3,000, is situated at the base of Mt. Shasta in California. Weed was founded by a gentleman named Abner Weed who settled in California in 1869 and eventually became a lumber magnate and a state senator. The modern town of Weed has a school (Weed Public Schools), a post office (Weed Post Office), a police department (WPD Weed Police Department), a fire department (WFD Weed Fire Department) and a mayor who is, of course, the Mayor of Weed. A sign on the outskirts of town reads, “Temporarily Out of Weed.”

DIY (If You Dare)

Do It Yourself (or DIY) is a term used to the describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.

The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects which people might choose to complete independently. In recent years, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets.