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Hypnotize With Any T.V. Set

Television repairman’s accidental discovery makes anyone a hypnotist right away. Secret method uses ordinary T.V. set. No electronic knowledge needed. No prior hypnotic training needed.

Results or refund! 

Dangerous Strangers

A rest room is one place you should never play near because dangerous strangers are sometimes found here.


Straight, a publication for boys issued in 1956 positioned itself as an alternative to Boys’ Life, the official monthly magazine of The Boy Scouts of America.

Dancing Robot Valued At $100,000

Patrick S. Rizzo, Detroit auto worker, puts finishing touches to a mechanical man he built in his spare time during the past eight years. His son, Vincent, eight, watches the robot, which is valued at $100,000. It walks alone and can dance a jig.

Mr. Rizzo subsequently lost his investment when his son, Vincent, created The Robot Dance. And the rest is history.

The Look You Want

The look you want – when you want it. You will be amazed at the exciting change in you personal appearance! Wear each one independently or combine them for the effect you desire.

The combinations are limitless!

Atomic Suit

Atomic suit inflated with conditioned air. The girl in the picture is wearing an anti-radiation suit. She is ready for her atomic job, handling a Geiger counter and protected by the inflated plastic garment. She can detect floating radioactive particles without danger of contamination. Goodyear-made, the suit is air-conditioned for comfort.

Put It On …

Now – you see people – they can’t see you. Hey space cadet, a paper bag works the same way – just add peep holes.

Order yours today! Or, just use a paper bag.