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Free For Chubbies

Fall and Winter Fashion Book full of charming Chubby-size clothes. It pictures the newest dresses, coats, suits, sweaters, underthings, skirts, blouses for girls and teens too chubby to fit into regular sizes (and everything is priced the same as “regular sizes”).

What A Pity!

“Yet she could banish her superfluous hair entirely.”

Flying Saucers For Everybody!

Amazing marvels of tomorrow. Within ten years you may be commuting by plastic saucer, flying from your backyard. Saucer rises vertically, flies conventionally.

Keep Running

As if there’s a place to hide.

Flying Saucer Camera

The Flying Saucer Camera by Videon will be used by the Air Force to clear up saucer questions. One lens takes a regular picture; the other separates light into colors so scientists can judge the source and make-up of saucers.

UFOs Überhead!

Talk Even Tougher

Talk Tough Like Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective!

Don’t say “money,” say “cabbage” or “geetus.”

“Ordinarily, I don’t work on a case unless I know there’s a stack of cabbage in it for me.”

“And five G’s is important geetus in my language.”

Talk More Tough

Talk Tough Like Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective!

Don’t say “bullet,” say “lead pill.”

“First one among you who tries to get away, gets a lead pill in his tripes.”

And when he heard you say that Ellen Morrow was in your apartment, he came here ahead of us and fed her a lead pill.”