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Turn To Sandwiches

The sandwich is food that combines one or more other types of food  artfully placed on or between slices of bread. The bread serves as a sort of wrapper or container for the other food.

 Easy to make and highly portable, the sandwich began in the Western World but is now all over the world in various forms, versions and varieties. Sandwiches are probably the most perfect and the most popular food. We all know that.

Turn To Sandwiches

Turn to sandwiches!

Sandwich Girl

Kids love sandwiches!

Sandwich Boy

Adults love sandwiches too!

Sandwich Couple

They make lots of them! For the kids and themselves.

Awful Food: Lemony Salmon Tower Stars

Lemony Salmon Tower Stars with Salad Tray

Lemony Salmon Tower Stars

A tart shimmery lemon gelatin accents rich salmon flavor in this luscious molded salad. Cucumber, celery and green pepper add a little crunch. The salad tray relishes are anchovies, herring in sour cream, marinated shrimp, sardines, pickled beets and pickles.

  We’re sure yours will look better. Bon Appétit!