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Hypnotize With Any T.V. Set

Television repairman’s accidental discovery makes anyone a hypnotist right away. Secret method uses ordinary T.V. set. No electronic knowledge needed. No prior hypnotic training needed.

Results or refund! 

You Can Learn To Play The Drums!

Now, you can be a real musician in no time. Professional musicians can make several dollars just playing the drums. Don’t delay! Just 15 minutes a day could get you started in an exciting new career!

Drummers are in demand now!

Gain respect!

Dazzle the chicks!

Amaze your friends!

Fun To Pack

Pack the “25” in a suitcase for travel by auto, bus, train or plane!*

*Certain permits may be required.

Awful Food: Hamburger Stroganoff

This is a Russian inspired dish of sautéed hamburger meat served in some sort of sauce. Brighten this awfully popular casserole with a parsley or chive garnish or a generous shake of paprika. Add a green salad and rolls and you have a savory dinner for four. Awfully delicious!

Bon appétit! Or, non appétit?

The Fantabulous Jags

The Pussycat a’ Go Go in Denver hosted the Fantabulous Jags for a 16 week gig in 1964. Originating from Wellington, Kansas The Jags eventually ended up headlining on the Las Vegas Strip after being inducted into the Hair Hall of Fame.

Mystery Atomic Jet Flying Saucer

Kids, it’s here! Watch it sail away up in the air – you can make it fly higher than a tall building – it will do five airplane stunts, too. Get several of them and have flying saucer contests! Even Dads go crazy over it.

Be the first in your neighborhood and amaze your friends!

Dangerous Strangers

A rest room is one place you should never play near because dangerous strangers are sometimes found here.