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Your Guide To Super Bowl Ads 2008

Here is a handy guide to the ad spots that will run during the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

Last year’s viewership was 93.2 million viewers on CBS. Advertisers paid as much as $2.6 million per 30 second spot. This year, FOX has persuaded some advertisers to pay as much as $3 million per 30 second spot for ads appearing in the game.

Anheuser-Busch (7)  :60 spots All four quarters Men, women, animals trying to drink Bud Light
Audi of America (1) :60 spot 1st quarter The Godfather and R8 Audi. First SB ad 20 yrs.
Bridgestone/Firestone (2) :30 spots 1st & 3rd quarter Sponsor of half-time show (2) :30 spots 1st & 3rd quarter Haggling strategy at a car dealerships (2) :30 spots 2nd & 3rd quarter Focuses on the disgruntled worker
Coca-Cola At least 3 spots Unknown time slots Debut of new ad creative for Coca-Cola
Dell (1) :30 spot 1st quarter RED ads showing Dell products
eTrade (2) :30 spots 3rd & 4th quarter Ad creative not released
FedEx (1) :45 spot 1st quarter Ad creative not released
Frito-Lay (1) :60 spot 1st quarter Winning music video from Frito-Lay contest
Gatorade At least 2 spots Unknown time slots Ads promote new beverage G2
Garmin GPS (1) :30 spot 2nd quarter Ad creative not released
General Motors (1) :60 spot 2nd quarter Ads pre/post game & hybrid car ad during game (1) :30 spot 1st quarter Also see ad rejected by FOX on
Hershey (1) :30 spot Unknown time slot Carmen Electra sells Ice Breakers Ice Cubes
Hyundai (2) :30 spots 3rd quarter Ads promote new luxury car called Genesis
Kraft Food (1) :30 spot 2nd half Planters Nuts first SB appearance
NFL (1) :60 spot Unknown time slot Fans vote on 48 video football stories
New Line At least 1 spot Unknown time slot Ad promotes Will Ferrell’s movie “Semi-Pro”
Paramount Pictures (1) :30 spot Unknown time slot Ad promotes new movie “Iron Man”
Pepsi-Cola 2 minutes ad time Unknown time slots Justin Timberlake doing stunts
Proctor & Gamble (1) :30 spot 2nd quarter Ads promote stain remover Tide-to-Go (5) spots purchased 1st & 4th quarter Three spots to appear in pre-game show
Sony Picture (1) spot purchased Unknown time slot Ad promotes new Adam Sandler movie
T-Mobile (1) :60 spot 2nd quarter Double last year’s ad purchase
Toyota (2) spots purchased Unknown time slots Ads promote Sequoia and updated Corolla
Unilever (1) :30 spot 2 minute warning Features Marilyn Monroe, Shakira & Madonna
Universal Pictures At least 1 spot Unknown time slot Ad(s) promote new movie “Wanted”
Under Armour (1) :60 spot Unknown time slot Ad promotes new cross-trainer line footwear
Victoria’s Secret (1) :30 spot Second half Ad features Adriana Lima and a football
Warner Brothers At least 1 spot Unknown time slot Ad(s) will promote “Speed Racer” or “10,000 BC”
Walt Disney At least 1 spot Unknown time slot Ad(s) promote new Pixar film “Wall-E”

Britney: New LAPD Squad Created For Her And Other Celebs?

As it turns out, Britney Spears’ latest excursion to the psycho ward was a very carefully planned police operation performed with all the precision of a police SWAT Team. The police knew in advance that Britney would have to return to the mental ward eventually, so an official Los Angeles Police Department operation was planned for the former pop star. Britney was even given an official police code name for the whole deal — she was referred to in police communications as “The Package”.

A very elaborate medical motorcade was planned for Britney with an ambulance, police officers on motorcycles, police helicopters, police cars, unmarked police cars and fire department vehicles. The LAPD even had the FAA institute a temporary “no-fly zone” for the former pop star’s procession to the funny farm. A source close to the operation was quoted as saying, “Something like this has been in the works since she was last taken to the hospital.” The source added, “The motorcade and everything was planned, it was already in the works to have them block off road and airspace. It worked perfectly.”

So it would seem that the Los Angeles Police Department, always on the latest edge of law enforcement technology and strategy has formed a new police unit, much like the SWAT Team they already have in place. The LAPD has a real need for a celebrity police unit these days and Britney’s latest meltdowns may have precipitated the formation of this celebrity police unit.

We are just guessing here, but a good guess would be that the name of the new Los Angeles Police Department’s newly formed celebrity unit is the “Celebrity Rescue and Protection” Squad. Now, a quick parsing of that title reveals a cute but very relevant acronym for the new police unit — the CRAP Squad.

The Los Angleles Police Department’s CRAP Squad will probably see lots of action in the future given the nature of celebrity habits and behavior these days. Imagine, if you will, a stretch limo that looks like a LAPD black and white police car. And we’ll get to see it all — remember, the paparazzi and reality show producers are everywhere. Maybe Dr. Drew will get a badge out of this deal and possibly a second season of Celebrity Rehab to handle the impending case overload….

 Thanks Y’all….
 CRAP Squad Limousine — Gassed Up And Ready For Action
 c>log  UPDATE FEB–03–2008          
          A spokesperson for the former pop star has said that her
stay in the psycho ward will be extended two more weeks.
(This could be the big vacation…)

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Selector: The Starkweather Boys

Right from this DJ’s own hometown…The Starkweather Boys…and their album Archer St. Blues…you’ve gotta hear this!

Archer St. Blues is a super kick ass rockin’ tour of virtually every style of American roots music: Rockabilly, 50s Rock & Roll, Honk Tony, and Western Swing. This record is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves any or all of these music genres. And, if you’re new to the scene, why not give it a listen?

The Starkweather Boys have also opened for many legends in the American music such as Wanda Jackson, Big Al Downing, Eddie Bond and Vernon Sandusky. They have also played at two of the biggest roots festivals in the country — the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and the Rockin’ 50’s Fest in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the way music was meant to be! Archer St. Blues rocks from A-Side to B-Side and from front-to-back in fine style! Good work ‘Boys! In fact, they are doin’ so good that they are now on iTunes.

The Starkweather Boys - Archer St. Blues

“It rocks, it swings, it sways! I can’t give

this album enough plays…”  — DJ Super Buffet

Britney: Oops! She Flipped Out Again…

Monday evening, police were again called to Britney’s gated home just a
few weeks after her prolonged standoff with police. She was transported
to a hospital and placed under a “5150 Hold” because of the danger she
poses to herself and others. Britney’s psychiatrist has been named as
the person who made the call to police. Her manager, Sam Lufti, told
Barbara Walters earlier this week that Britney has “mental issues” that
require psychological treatment.

Her house was surrounded by
news vans, satellite dishes, onlookers, police and paparazzi as Britney
was lead away to the mental ward. Apparently, Britney had a major
falling out with her manager that night because he had banned Britney’s
new paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib from her home. Britney’s manager reportedly had sent
Adnan a note telling him he was bad for Britney. Was he one of the paparazzi stationed outside her home for juicy photos of her breakdown?

After an
extreme amount of drama, Britney was seen sitting on the pavement in
tears and holding her puppy. She had earlier jumped out of a car driven
by her manager and started wandering around her neighborhood in tears.
Her parents arrived at her house a little while later to try and help
their daughter. Britney has already lost custody of her two children and it
now appears she has lost custody of her career as well….

 Fashion Forward – As Always Sometimes you just feel like a nut.

         c>log UPDATE Feb–03–2008
 A spokesperson for the former pop star has said that her
stay in the psycho ward will be extended two more weeks.
(This could be the “big vacation…)

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Heads Up: Spy Satellite Falls To Earth

A spy satellite, launched and used by the United States, has lost power and its orbit is beginning to decay. The satellite, about the size of a school bus, could possibly survive the stress of re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere and crash into the surface of the earth. There is no telling where this satellite could crash, but word is that it could possibly contain “hazardous materials” which could scatter over several thousand miles of atmosphere. The spy satellite is expected to return to earth in late February or early March of this year. Officials have not commented on whether the spy satellite could be shot down if the satellite appears to be headed toward a population center, a nuclear reactor, a public landmark etc.

Earth has experienced this before — in 1979 with the return of Skylab, the first space station launched into orbit by the United States. The story begins with Skylab in space, left in what was supposed to be a parking orbit, expected to last at least eight years. The Space Shuttle was slated to dock with Skylab and elevate the space station to a higher safe altitude in 1979 — however, the shuttles were not able to launch until 1981. The space station was in need of a major overhaul and it had been left in space too long. So, what went up came down. It came down with a narrow re-entry footprint (about 4°) over parts of the Indian Ocean and Western Australia. In fact, an Australian municipality, the Shire of Esperance, fined the United States $400 for littering. It would be interesting to know if this fine was ever paid.

The return of Skylab was an international media spectacle, with huge amount of merchandising, wagering on the time and place of re-entry and endless news reports. The San Francisco Examiner even offered a $10,000 prize for the first piece of Skylab to be delivered to their offices. This event even inspired the creation of a new cocktail — a Skylab Falling (or in some places, a Skylab Fallout). Perhaps some enterprising bartender will take a look at this come up with something new and flashy for a spy satellite falling back to earth. Here is the 1979 cocktail recipe for a Skylab Falling in two versions to start the process:

Skylab Falling (Kick Ass Version)
Ingredient          Amount                          
 Blue Curacao   1/2 Ounce
 Gin          1/2 Ounce
 Rum   1/2 Ounce
 Tequila   1/2 Ounce
 Vodka   1/2 Ounce
Use a clean hurricane glass.
Ice first, then alcohol dummy.

 Skylab Falling (Super Kick Ass Version)
190 Proof Alcohol     1 Ounce  
Blue Curacao   1 Ounce  
151 Proof Rum   1 Ounce  
Apricot Brandy   1/2 Ounce  
Orange Juice   1 Ounce  
Pineapple Juice   1 Ounce  
Collins Mix   1 Ounce  
Stir very well and then some!
Garnish with a sprig of mint. OnLine Store

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Amy In Rehab: No Wine In This House

The British tabloid The Sun posted a video of a scrawny, wobbly woman, who appears to be Amy Winehouse, apparently smoking crack cocaine and speaking of having taken Ecstasy and Valium. The
Daily Telegraph subsequently reported that Winehouse’s father had moved in with her, terrified her continued drug use would kill her. Island Records, her record label, announced their plans to abandon its American promotional campaign for her.

On January 22, her spokesperson announced that the singer visited Edward House — an outpatient department of the Capio Nightingale Hospital Rehabilitation Center. Finally, on January 24, Winehouse entered rehab (essentially cancelling her appearance at the NRJ Awards in France) in order to get better and to enable her appearance at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

Since her rise to fame, Winehouse has been the subject of much media attention. In various interviews, Winehouse has denied having bipolar disorder but has admitted to having problems with self-harm, depression and eating disorders (attributing the latter to insecurities about her appearance). The singer ranked number two on Richard Blackwell’s 48th annual “Ten Worst Dressed Women” list, right behind Victoria Beckham. Hopefully, part of the rehab effort will include intensive make-up and wardrobe therapy.

Calling Doctor Drew…….. Calling Doctor Drew……..

UPDATE: “Rehab” Live From Rehab
       The irony of it all — a singer with huge problems pens a song called “Rehab” which turns out to be spot-on and a very autobiographical work since she has actually ended up in “Rehab”.
Singer, in the throes of addiction, is honored for her work, but can’t
show up because her whacky behavior and reckless drug use has confined
her to a medical setting. Singer sings song called “Rehab” live from
“Rehab” and coyly seems to bask in the irony of it all. Amazing but true!


UFOs Over Texas

Residents of Stephenville, Texas are staring ominously at the night skies after several dozen reports of UFO sightings last week. Witnesses — including a pilot — all claim they saw what appeared to be a massive craft with strange flashing lights, traveling lower and faster than an airplane. Others say they spotted jet fighters chasing after the object.

As expected, federal officials say there is a “logical explanation,” such as light reflecting off passing planes, for the recentincident. But residents of this town, about 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth, remain unconvinced. “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts,” a pilot was quoted as saying. When other local residents were asked their thoughts on the recent UFO sightings, the only comment we heard was, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Enough said. Texas is safe tonight.