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Video SUPER BUFFET Channel Added


Just installed for your viewing consumption is the Video SUPER BUFFET Channel ! All you can view of course! Lots of rare and cool stuff to check out. Check it out.





Trackbacks Temporarily Disabled

Re: Notice to readers and subscribers.

  “Trackbacks to entries on the c>log
have temporarily been disabled.
This is due to the c>log receiving
“trackback” spam recently.”

“If this inconveniences you in any
way, please comment to this entry
and proper arrangements will be
made for you.”

“Thank you very much!”

  1. A trackback is a link from an entry in
    another blog or Web site to an entry in this blog. When reading a blog site, readers can create a trackback (or link) to the individual entry on this blog from their blog or Web site. The trackback sends a ping from the originating site to this blog, to notify it that a link was created.
  2. A trackback sends a ping to another trackback-aware
    Web site (usually another blog) to notify that site that a link to has
    been created, usually within an entry being posted. The trackback ping notifies the subject of an entry that they are mentioned in another blog.

c>log Hits 10,000 Word Units

word units released into the blogosphere. Thanks for reading and subscribing…….

  • An obstruction or hindrance.
  • A weight attached to the leg of an animal.
  • A heavy, usually wooden-soled shoe.
  • Clogged, clogging, clogs
  • To obstruct movement on or in; block up
  • To become obstructed or choked up
  • To thicken or stick together
  • To do a clog dance.
  • To write this……
  • To read this…….

 And, with this entry: 10,262 words.

You Tube Feed Added

A service feed from You Tube has been added to and to the c>log. The first video will be published sometime early Wednesday morning (Dec-05) after our editors decide on the first video to be aired on the c>log. Some very interesting things will start to show up around here now! Thanks for reading and subscribing to the c>log. Stay tuned and don’t touch that dial!

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Product Browser

A Product Browser showing items available in the OnLine Store has now been posted. The Product Browser does not contain direct links to the OnLine Store. You will need to click the link below the Product Browser or access the store by clicking the OnLine Store button near the top of each page. Thank you!

Main URL:

OnLine Store:

style=”margin-left: 200px;”>

Attention Visitors

Re: Attention Visitors

It has come to the attention of the webmaster that the homepage for (and possibly other pages within the website) may not appear correctly in Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7.

This error will be corrected as soon as the next pot of coffee is brewed……

Please report any problems that you may experience during your visit here. Thanks!