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             The WebMaster
     “Hello, I’m the awesome WebMaster here at I’m not going to tell
you my name because I really like the
name ‘Webmaster‘. It sounds like a cage
fighter’s name.”

“It’s an awesome job. I don’t have to pay

for the internet by the minute any more.

In my off time I like to wear flashy gold

bracelets while I chat on-line with babes

all day. It’s fun, for me … anyway.”

Thank you for visiting, I love

technology. Peace.”

The Video Channel


Have you checked out our Video Channel lately? New additions to the channel include some rare and unusual experimental video art from around 1990 or so. You can also find rare video from a groundbreaking art show in 1990. Check it out. Thanks for visiting!




Photos of Tulsa, Oklahoma On Canvas


The Eric Hatheway Gallery is now open!
We have some wonderful images of Tulsa, Oklahoma
that you can buy custom printed on quality canvas.
Thanks for visiting and please enjoy your shopping!

Individual links are provided below for your convenience.

Cains Ballroom Cains Ballroom

Tulsa Tough Bicycle Race The Blue Dome Mayo Hotel Deco District Deco District Philbrook Museum of Art Philbrook Museum of Art Brookshire Motel – Route 66

Follow the Artist on Instagram!


You can now follow the artist on Instagram!
User Name: erichatheway

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it a variety of social networking services including Instagram’s own. A distinctive feature confines photos into a square shape, in homage to both the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras. This contrasts with the 4:3 aspect ratio more typically used by mobile device cameras.

Instagram is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 3.1.2 or above. It is distributed via the Apple App Store. And, an Android version has been released for all you Floyds who carry Droids. Try it ā€“ it’s free! Way on.

The Only Online Elvis Shrine You Need!


The wonderful and inspiring visage of our OnLine Elvis Shrine has been available to the public for a couple of years now on the internet. At a routine staff meeting, the attending Elvis Shrine Management received an eMail alert in the Shrine’s central inbox that informed us of our Number Two ranking on Google. It has been a great year at the Elvis Shrine. Thank you. Thank you very much. We’re just TCB here at the Elvis Shrine. Providing you with the best online shrine experience available in cyberspace.

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 Online Elvis Shrine @
The Best Elvis Shrine on the Web
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        Elvez Jones
The ShrineMaster

Lots and Lots and Lots of Clogs!


A very special thanks to all of our readers and subscribers. We are committed to laying fresh c>logs at your feet daily. A total of 597,437 words about art and pop culture being read in over 95 countries! Thanks for visiting and please come back often!

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Behold! The Safe & Secure Super Buffet Server!


They told me to tell you that you can shop with confidence knowing our safe and secure Super Buffet Server is on the job! It’s very modern, engineered in Germany, just like those super towels. I have to go now, got a chat room meeting in like five minutes and self-defense lessons later. Peace. I am a cage-fighter in my spare time and I love technology. Thanks for visiting!

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