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Out Of Stock: Jenks White 2007


“Yeah hi, Lumbergh here. Just wanted to
let you know that the Jenks White designs
have been taken out-of-stock. This includes
the Jenks White 2007 design and the Jenks
White Number One design.”

“If you would like to see any of these
designs again or if you would like to
order something you’ve had in mind for
awhile, please contact me here at the Global OnLine Store.
Thanks. Oh, and I almost forgot, here
is my eMail address.”

Lumbergh, Global Store Manager


Meet The Store Manager At


 “Yeah,hi,this is Bill Lumbergh,
the new store manager here

“We’re going to be selling
a little art here and there.
Yeah, on some t-shirts, maybe
some framed prints, and even
some posters or what-not.”

“Look for our new newsletter
due out here in the near new
future. We’ll be calling it
by its brand name that we ahh
like to call The TPS Report.”

“Oh, and I almost forgot. This
Friday is 90s Grunge Friday.
So, wear some flannel maybe,
if you want. Or not.”


For all matters dealing with the sale of art, t-shirts etc. at
contact Lumbergh at

Lumbergh will also take suggestions for t-shirts you would like to see offered
at the Global OnLine Store at Give him your TPS report!

You can also contact Lumbergh for any matters dealing with custom designs,
custom logos, fine art originals, memos and those pesky TPS reports.

Lumbergh, OnLine Store Manager