Comments On Post-Modernism

 Comments on Post-Modernism

03:02:34   “Post-modernism is a very complicated term.”

03:05:53   “Post-modernism lacks central leadership or a hierarchy as well as an organizing principle.”

03:08:42   “Apparent post-modern attitudes involve irony, contradiction, ambiguity and diversity.”

03:12:17   “Real post-modernism is influenced by the trends and evolutions of culture and society.”


03:13:11  “Post-modernism can refer to artistic, creative, cultural or intellectual states.

03:14:28  “It could be possible that post-modernism is just a buzzword that’s been around since 1914.”

03:21:59   “Post-modernism is hard to see or locate.”

03:27:04  “Truly, post-modernism is now the same as modernism, but it’s still fun to criticize modernism.”

03:27:31  “And, it’s even more fun to criticize post-modernism.”

03:28:35  “If post-modernism is the deconstruction of modernism, then what will deconstruct postmodernism?”


03:31:20  “Lines between genres have been blurred because of post-modern philosophy.”

03:34:15  “As near as we can tell, post-modernism is subjective and modernism is objective.”

03:53:55  “Post-modernism seems to dwell too much on self-consciousness.”

03:57:01  “Simply put, post-modernism is art occurring after, or in contradiction to modernism.”

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