Heritage Designer Is Now Kittl

Heritage Designer has been rebranded as Kittl. It is the same great design tool but now it is going to be even better! Look for my featured designs on Kittl. You can try out Kittl for free by using the invite link at the end of this post. Give it a try. See you there!

A Message From The Team At Kittl:

Since the very beginning our goal has always been to provide the most amazing graphic tools and to empower everyone to create stunning art. This is what you loved and what we are burning for.

Starting Heritage Designer last year was a blast. Over 10.000 users within just a few days was crazy. We have never seen so much positive feedback before and so many new creations popping up. Amazing – thank you so much for this!

With all the creations and feedback popping up we have seen many different use cases that made it clear we were not only empowering Heritage lovers but also an entire global community of creators who now easily bring new ideas to life.

For this reason and after many discussions with you and your peers we have decided to rebrand Heritage Designer and allow the whole world of creators to take part in it.

What does this mean?
We changed our name and are expanding our library so that we enable new ways for everyone to start creating in Kittl.

What does change for you?
www.heritagedesigner.com is now www.kittl.com. Your login stays the same and all your designs stay there of course.

How does it change the platform?
As a platform we will continue to expand into many different areas of design in the future so that Kittl will become the ultimate place to start any creation – no matter what.

Use this personal invite link from me to try out Kittl for free!


Author: The Artist

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