Introducing The Animal Badge Creator

I made this design in Adobe Illustrator using The Animal Badge Creator by Heritage Type Company. It will be available this Thursday, August 19th.

This design kit is exceptional and I would consider it a designer’s delight. The vector graphics are very clean, stunning and vibrant. They are organized by their parts within their respective layers by name for easy identification and editing. Colors can be very easily changed by accessing the individual parts within layers or you can change colors by manipulating global color settings within the files.

Every logo, label or design used commercially should be able to function as a black & white image and you can design away knowing that you can convert to monochromatic in just a few clicks when you are through. This ability also makes it very easy to accommodate client changes to color schemes as well. All this adds up to time saving design fun! Good job Heritage Type Company!

Follow the link for more information on the contents of this fantastic designer’s toolkit from Heritage Type Company.

Animal Badge Creator

© 2021 Eric Hatheway

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© 2021 Eric Hatheway

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