Outlaws Don’t ….

An outlaw is an non-conforming or rebellious person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law who is also a lawless person or a fugitive from the law. However, modern popular culture would have you believe that an outlaw is a person who has spent a lot of money on tattoos, who chooses a certain brand of motorcycle and who wears douche bag inspired clothing. It’s all part of the outlaw costume (i.e., display behavior). So, let’s clear things up a bit here, just so you know.

Outlaws don’t … work for corporations.

Outlaws don’t … receive regular paychecks.

Outlaws don’t … pay taxes.

Outlaws don’t … contribute to Social Security.

Outlaws don’t … have medical benefits.

Outlaws don’t … have paid vacations.

Outlaws don’t … have retirement plans.

Outlaws don’t … wear I.D. badges at work.

Outlaws don’t … take drug tests.

Outlaws don’t … use debit/credit cards.

Outlaws don’t … have bank loans.

Outlaws don’t … take you posers seriously.

Author: Rude Boy

Ruder than you.

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