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Awful Food: Meat Lumps Dinner

Varnished in orange sauce with potato flake paste, vegetable mishmash and a surprise dessert. Awful fast and awful good! Just heat and serve.

Bon appétit!

Put It On …

Now – you see people – they can’t see you. Hey space cadet, a paper bag works the same way – just add peep holes.

Order yours today! Or, just use a paper bag.

Awful Food: Perfumed Beef With Bean Sprouts

Goodness knows why this beef is perfumed. Maybe it’s a little past expiration? Don’t forget the MSG, it preserves the awfulness!

Bon appétit!

Dress Right For Safety

Dress right for safety in the shipyard! You may look well dressed but you will be safer dressed like this …

Shag Carpet Rake

A natural for combing the beauty back into your carpeting. Rigid, durable hi-impact head (14″ wide) with 13 tines that will not tear, snag or harm carpet. Sturdy but lightweight, easier to use than others we’ve tried. Double lacquered 4 ft. wood handle. Get one for a friend too, she’ll love you for it.

Americans Like To Travel

On an average day more than 8 million people fly. In 2013 total passenger numbers were 3.1 billion. Americans like to travel.

Awful Food: Florentine Ring

This is a delightful way to serve spinach to your guests! Fill the center of a formed spinach ring with flaked fish and pour over the cheese sauce. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Garnish with sliced tomatoes. Awfully delicious!

Bon appétit!