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Certain Lessons

A child may learn certain lessons when she hears her mother accusing her father of spending all the family money on a prostitute.

Sadder … But Wiser

Where’s there’s strife … there’s beer. Who said you can’t tie one on with beer? Here’s a guy who drinks “the beverage of moderation,” and he’s been in a beer stupor for a month!

Dangerous Strangers

A rest room is one place you should never play near because dangerous strangers are sometimes found here.

Legs … Position Can Be Everything!

According to psychologists, the position of your legs can reveal your intentions and secrets. This handy guide tells you what your legs are telling everyone else.






Are You Fit To Marry?

Youth has it flings. Do not let your children in wedlock until they see this picture. Every couple about to get married should see this amazing, startling revelation.

Intimate Facts Laid Bare

The Price Youth Pays to the Jazz Age

A Vital Warning


I Am Death

To early join me. Breathe much foul air. Drink alcoholic liquors. Eat midnight suppers. Eat lots of rich food. Bolt your food or wash it down with large amounts of black coffee. Neglect your bowels.


To shave means to cut off hair with a razor.

Father is shaving his face.