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One Freedom

Most teenagers look forward to the day when they can own and drive their own car. But driving a car is a big responsibility. You should not  drive – or do many other things you’d like – until you are a responsible person.

Gravity Makes You Feel Heavy

If the earth had no gravity, you would have no weight. No one would have weight. Everyone would fly into space!

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If You Have Had No Warning

If you have had no warning in an A-Bomb attack.

When you see a flash of light brighter than the sun:

• Don’t run: there isn’t time.
• Fall flat on your face.
• Get down fast!

Stay down for at least one minute.

How To Talk On The Telephone

When using your telephone, hold the receiver close to your ear. The receiver is the end with the cord. Talk directly into the mouthpiece. Speak in a natural, clear voice. You do not have to shout. Speak as though the other person were in the same room.

This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank

This Headline Intentionally Left Blank

An intentionally blank page is a page that is devoid of content, and may be unexpected. Such pages may serve purposes ranging from place-holding to space-filling and content separation. Sometimes, these pages carry a notice such as, “This page is intentionally left blank.”

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Such notices typically appear in printed works, such as legal documents, manuals and exam papers, in which the reader might otherwise suspect that the blank pages are due to a printing error and where missing pages might have serious consequences.

This Tagline Intentionally Left Blank

Pass Up Hitchhikers

Don’t feel hard-hearted when you turn thumbs down on a thumber. One police check of 100 hitchhikers found: 84 with criminal records, 12 AWOL servicemen or runaway youngsters, only four without police records.