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Try To Remember

“He wore a straw cap and a dark sport coat.”

Try to remember something about the person to identify him.

How To Comfort Yourself ….

How to comfort yourself when you have acted like a jackass.

Everyone does this occasionally, and you shouldn’t feel too upset about it unless it happens quite often, such as three times a day, in which case you must simple get used to it.

Remember, other people like you as well or better for it, because it makes them feel so superior; so you’ve at least spread a little sunshine. And at the very least, you served as a bad example.

The Well-Groomed Man

The well-groomed man gets the job.

Necessary Personal Habits

Question: Should washing, dressing, eating, etc., be mechanical and automatic?

Answer: Yes, these very necessary personal habits should be completed with a minimum of energy. This will leave your thoughts free to concentrate on more important problems.

It’s Up To You …

The beginning of the use of drugs is the end for you.

I hope this has convinced you!

Certain Lessons

A child may learn certain lessons when she hears her mother accusing her father of spending all the family money on a prostitute.

Sadder … But Wiser

Where’s there’s strife … there’s beer. Who said you can’t tie one on with beer? Here’s a guy who drinks “the beverage of moderation,” and he’s been in a beer stupor for a month!