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Free For Chubbies

Fall and Winter Fashion Book full of charming Chubby-size clothes. It pictures the newest dresses, coats, suits, sweaters, underthings, skirts, blouses for girls and teens too chubby to fit into regular sizes (and everything is priced the same as “regular sizes”).

Wear The Best To Look Your Best

From Samson’s of Fifth Avenue … be a winner! Regardless of your age, a truly fine hairpiece can do wonders for your appearance and morale. May we suggest Samson’s permanent-base hairpiece that won’t fade, kink, tear or lose its shape.

Sleep, swim, shower while wearing it – this is the one hairpiece you can enjoy with confidence. Forget the badly made ones you may have seen … a Samson Hairpiece is everything we promise.

Own A Real Shadow-Type Mask

At last, you can have your very own Hollywood “Shadow” type mask. This is the same kind of mask worn by many famed movie heroes and villains to mystify millions. The amazing head mask is all genuine wool, durable stitched with felt lining for real comfort. For real convenience, the mouth snaps open or shut.

• Make a movie, with yourself starring as the Mysterious Avenger
• Organize a “Masked Phantom” club with your friends
• Be your neighborhood’s costumed sensation on Halloween
• Protect your face against freezing cold weather


Doll Head Replacements

Replacement heads fit Barbie, Polly, Midge and other high fashion dolls. Three different and pretty faces, all made of washable vinyl. Each head has rooted hair in a different color and style.

Set includes: one brunette flip, one blonde ponytail and one auburn beehive.

Hanky Panky Apron

Would you believe – an apron with sex appeal! Nothing else like it in the world! Sexy lace bra and garter are hand printed in black and white on this white, high quality washable apron. Everybody who sees it wants one. Many want several – for gifts, etc. Great fun gift for your favorite vamp or prim Aunt Matilda. Steals the show at a party. Terrific conversation piece.

Go-Go Wig

Be a “swinger” – wear a Go-Go Wig!

If you long for the glamour of shoulder-length hair, don’t wait for yours to grow! Just slip into this youthful, flattering long-bob wig and instantly, you’re ready to dance the night away at your favorite discotheque.

Looks like real hair in natural color, comes on a wide cotton band in front with elastic back to fit any head.

Go-Go Wig . . . . . . $5.98

The Well-Groomed Man

The well-groomed man gets the job.