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The Suit Makes The Man?

So, does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?

It’s a good question, but please don’t beg the question. After all, this gentleman is obviously at the Playboy Club in a green business suit bought at Sears. Yes, Sears.

Even worse, he’s holding a plate of “awful ad food” and somebody with the same Sears green suit is but a few feet away. Think he’ll score in that suit? How about the other guy? No way, it’s the Playboy Club and you know how that goes.

He's Gonna Score Wearing That Fine Suite

The Luxurata Collection from The Men’s Store at Sears

The contemporary style shown here is Contemporary Wedge II in Spring Green. It has a slightly suppressed waist, deep side vents, mini-notched lapels and unflappable pockets. Yes, unflappable! Priced under $95 dollars. Charge it today! Wear it tonight!


Smell Like A Captain

The first cologne based on a sea-captain celebrity!

Want to smell like a captain? Sure, who wouldn’t want to smell like Captain Stubing (Gavin McLeod) of Love Boat fame? Hormel made this mens cologne, yes Hormel, the Texas food company that also makes Spam. They also make Dinty Moore, Farmer John, Herdez and Stagg. Who could turn down an offer from such a famous manufacturer of mens fragrances? Odiferous, yes indeed!

Smell Like A Captain

“Your Captain”

Spritz on a little bit of this delicate but masculine scent and you are guaranteed to smell just like:

  • Stale sea water
  • Putrid bilge water
  • Rotting algae
  • Stinky seaweed
  • Seagull poop
  • Pepperoni
  • Genoa salami
  • Sweaty bald head

 Good choice, mate! Sail on . . . 

Bettie Page: The Last Photograph

Bettie Page: The Last Photograph

Bettie Page 2014 Edition

Bettie Page has been called the most photographed person in the world. And, they are still saying that 51 years after she abruptly quit being a model and disappeared into a very private life far from the public eye. Bettie Page chose to remain in our memories the way she last appeared – she refused to have her photograph taken after leaving the modeling business. She did have a photograph taken when she was arrested in Florida in 1972, but that photograph was a mug shot and she really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Bettie Page Mugshot
But then came an important celebration. A celebration of which Bettie played an important role to the host of the celebration. Bettie, of course, was one of Hugh Hefner’s first models, besides Marilyn Monroe, that helped to launch the Playboy empire. The year was 2003 and that year marked the 50th Anniversary of Playboy magazine. Since Bettie was a good friend with Hugh Hefner and she was one of his first models, an invitation was issued to Bettie to attend the 50th Anniversary gala at the famed Playboy Mansion.


Now you can imagine there were all sorts of beautiful women at this party, but it was Bettie everyone wanted to see. Bettie eventually decided to attend the anniversary party with Anna Nicole Smith, another famous Playboy centerfold. The two models made a very grand entrance at the huge gala, and as you can imagine, the two centerfolds received a lot of adoration and attention from the attending crowd. So, on that evening, the camera-shy Bettie Page had her photograph taken with Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson at the Playboy Mansion some 46 years after she quit being a model and quit having her photograph taken.

Bettie Page Last Photograph 2

Not only is this photograph of historical interest, this is the only photograph of Bettie Page, the Pin-Up Queen, in her later years. For a woman known as the most photographed model in the world, this particular photograph, taken just five years ago, is probably the rarest of Bettie’s many photographs.