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Creepy Halloween Images

Creepy Halloween Images

Creepy is a feeling that causes an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease. Or, frightening, eerie, disturbing, sinister, weird, hair-raising, menacing, threatening, scary, and freaky. You get the idea, and the feeling, by viewing these diabolical photographic images. Conjured up on Halloweens gone by, they are like looking at a horror movie. Or worse, a very bad nightmare.

Creepy Halloween 1

Creepy Halloween 2

Creepy Halloween 3

Creepy Halloween 4

Creepy Halloween 5

Creepy Halloween 6

Happy Halloween! Stay safe.

The Artist As A Clown

The Artist As A Clown

This is from an actual childhood photograph of the artist on Halloween during the 1960s. The original image was shot on Kodachrome and developed into 35mm Kodak slides.

This article is not particularly suited to coulrophobics [please see the Artist’s Disclaimer below].

Artist As A Clown

The Artist’s Disclaimer …

The artist has only dressed up as a clown once. The artist has only dressed up as a creepy clown once. He has not ever worked in a chocolate factory, driven an ice cream truck, performed in a circus, or know anybody by the name of Gacy, Bundy or know anybody named Sam who has a son. Furthermore, the artist has never been to Green River, Boston, Riverside or Brooklyn, Midtown or Southside.The artist further states he avoids hillsides, interstates, freeways and movies like “Psycho” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacres.” He does not use want ads, horoscopes, ether, chloroform, broomsticks, axes, squirt guns, bad gags or squeaky things. The artist does not do balloon art, ever. And, he doesn’t work for “exposure” either.

The Artist As A Clown 2

 35 mm Kodak Slide  2″ x 2″ Mount

Kodachrome Ad

Kodachrome Canister

Kodachrome 1935-2010