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Flying Saucer Camera

The Flying Saucer Camera by Videon will be used by the Air Force to clear up saucer questions. One lens takes a regular picture; the other separates light into colors so scientists can judge the source and make-up of saucers.

UFOs Überhead!


Depraved by an unbridled lust for rare books, every bookseller in town had been in her library.

Funny …

He took up so much more space on the sofa …

Mystery Atomic Jet Flying Saucer

Kids, it’s here! Watch it sail away up in the air – you can make it fly higher than a tall building – it will do five airplane stunts, too. Get several of them and have flying saucer contests! Even Dads go crazy over it.

Be the first in your neighborhood and amaze your friends!

Are You A Robot?

Are you a robot – or do you think for yourself?

Think about it – carefully.

Playtime’s Over, Doll

She felt her heart being smothered against his as he snatched her with his vise-like grip ….

We Can Get You Any Kind Of Insurance

Insurance is a practice or arrangement by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. In theory, most anything can be insured against potential losses – even Go-Go girls!

Insure yourself against Go-Go girl losses!

We accept Go-Go Girl Insurance … ask for Cookie.