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On August 6, 1956, a Mr. Tom Fennessey of Libby, Montana received 35 stimulants from Corner Drug & Prescriptions. No cost to him.

Receipt No. 15976

The Siff?

And you know what Johnny? If I have syphilis, then you probably have it too!

Me? The siff?

Oh, NO!!!

You May Be Sterile

For a fertile marriage, avoid germs and neuroses.

You may be sterile!

Under The Knife Again ….

Under The Knife Again …. 

Today, I will be entering the surgical theater again for the second and hopefully final surgery required my particular condition. If you are reading this I am most likely very unconscious at the moment.

EWH in Hospital

But, soon I will be back in my hospital room under piles of very warm blankets. Even better, I should be back on my feet in about one week.

Slow Recovery

Wish me luck. And, thanks for visiting!


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