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Certain Lessons

A child may learn certain lessons when she hears her mother accusing her father of spending all the family money on a prostitute.


Straight, a publication for boys issued in 1956 positioned itself as an alternative to Boys’ Life, the official monthly magazine of The Boy Scouts of America.

Are You Fit To Marry?

Youth has it flings. Do not let your children in wedlock until they see this picture. Every couple about to get married should see this amazing, startling revelation.

Intimate Facts Laid Bare

The Price Youth Pays to the Jazz Age

A Vital Warning


Cooler On The Inside

The  coolest sportswear this side of heaven. It’s “cooler on the inside.” Featuring the “Scotch Luck” gift coin that always makes Father a winner!

Single Male In Search Of ….

Tv, age 51, 5’11”, 180 lbs., loves lingerie, women’t fashions, rubber wear. Also very much interested in human behavior and discipline. Am submissive.

Would like to hear from dominant women. Couples and Tv’s with like interests. Will answer all.  #5378

Sure I’m A Flirt!

Sure I’m a flirt! So what?


I struggled against his embrace and then even though I fought against it, I found myself not struggling … I wanted him to kiss me! Wanted to feel him holding me tightly … it was wrong … horribly wrong. But I didn’t care!

Single Male In Search Of ….

Expert horseman, desires spirited shapely, thoroughbred fillies and mares. Couple also welcome for interesting riding pleasures. Horseman is 5′ 10″, 160, 40-ish, experienced, sophisticated, world travelled, educated, prefer daytime riding pleasures.

Never thrown yet. How about it?