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Hi-Fi & Stereophonic Sound

HI-Fi is the high fidelity reproduction of sound  and a term used by home stereo listeners or home audio enthusiasts to refer to a very high quality reproduction of sound.

What Is Stereophonic Sound

Hi-Fi is used to distinguish itself from poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment and recording techniques.

Hi-Fi And Stereophonic Sound

Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency response. So, turn it up!

Stereophonic Poster

This Is The Last Elvis Secret

The Last Elvis Secret Is Upstairs At Graceland

Elvis Presley’s mansion home, Graceland, holds enigmatic secrets for the Elvis fan. The second floor of the King’s house is private – very private. Since 1977, it has been kept so private that no tours, no television or film crews nor any photographs have ever been released to the public. This is the one thing, the very last thing, regarding Elvis Presley that has yet to be revealed – it is the last Elvis secret.

The upstairs bedroom was Elvis’ secluded sanctuary where he lived and loved in his private life. Upstairs at Graceland is a riddle and a puzzle, a fascinating locked-room mystery that draws in the imagination of millions every time they pass by the foot of the staircase leading to the King’s private bedroom sanctuary.


Security has never been breached at Graceland but for one exception – when actor Nicholas Cage, a lifelong Elvis fanatic, managed the impossible by using the unlikely strategy of marrying Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter. Very clever, Nic!


His secret visit to the hallowed halls of Elvis took place during the week of the 25th Anniversary of Elvis’ death, at which time it is said he sat on the King’s “throne” in the bathroom,  and he even assumed the prone posture in which Elvis died for some strange reason. He also laid on the singer’s bed and tried on a leather jacket worn by the King. Many celebrities and dignitaries have requested private tours but all have been declined.

Elvis Bedroom Security

Locked up tight like a bank vault since August 16, 1977, the staircase to Elvis’ bedroom is protected by two armed guards at all times. The heavily padded double doors are sound proof and secured from the outside by chains and locks.

EricHatheway.com Elvis Shrine

Hi-Fi Shopping


There used to be a term called high-fidelity, or hi-fi for short, that was used by music fans and stereo enthusiasts to refer to a high-quality reproduction of sound in a home environment. Hi-fi was used to set stereo sets apart from lower quality sound reproduction systems.

Hi-Fi Shop

Stereo systems were purchased in glorious stores specializing in such things. There were lots of amps, pre-amps, headphones, speakers and numerous accessories to choose from. It was a big deal to go shopping for a new stereo. A real big deal, yes sir.

The stereo system became a focal point in our living rooms, dens, and rumpus rooms. This was partly because the equipment was huge – the bigger the speakers the better – the more watts the better. A really good stereo system was a source of pride and represented endless enjoyment. Endless enjoyment with big sound!

Hi-Fi Shopping

Today, it’s all digital and portable. And cheap. Today’s homes lack that central focal point that we enjoyed so much back then. The modern living room has been converted into movie theaters where the bigger the screen the better and seven speakers is too few. That is a whole different argument, because we’re taking big sound here. The way it is supposed to be heard and enjoyed.

We need our stereos back in a big way. These little tiny speakers pretending to be big speakers just doesn’t cut it for the true music fan. Get me a big amp and some big clear studio quality speakers please. Please. Our ears certainly aren’t smaller. That’s for sure.

Stereo Den

This is what I’m talking’ about!

Sony Stereo Setup

Happy Birthday to Bob Wills!


Wills, born as James Robert Wills on March 6, 1905 near the town of
Kosse, Texas is regarded as the undisputed King of Western
He was taught the fiddle and mandolin at a very early age by his father
and his grandfather. He also spent his younger days picking cotton in
Texas and listening to the songs that the adults sang as they moved up
and down the rows of cotton. Bob was a “drifting cowboy” for
awhile–attending barber school, getting married, moving to New Mexico
and then back to Turkey, Texas which is now considered his home town.
He began work as a barber but the fiddle soon started to play a big
role in his life as he started to pursue a career in music after moving
to Fort Worth, Texas.

The King of Western Swing

In 1930, the Wills Fiddle Band
was formed when Bob Wills met Herman Arnspinger. Later, Milton Brown
joined the group as lead vocalist and the band was renamed to the Light Crust Doughboys because of a radio sponsorship. The band lineup changed but Bob stayed with the Doughboys
and replaced Brown with Tommy Duncan in 1932. However, both musicians
left the band together in 1933 because Bob had missed one too many
shows due to his occasional binge drinking.

Bob Wills formed a new band called “The Playboys”
in Waco, Texas. With his popularity growing, Bob moved the band to
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1934. Soon afterwards, Bob moved the band to
the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had landed a gig with the
50,000 watt KVOO radio station. From the Cains Ballroom, Bob Wills and
his band performed their radio show from 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm every
Monday through Friday. Nearly all of the performances came from the now
famous stage of the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa. And of course, Tulsa’s
timeless honky-tonk, the Cains Ballroom, was kept swinging by regular
dances led by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. In 1940, the song “New
San Antonio Rose” sold a million records and became the band’s
signature song.


Bob starred in a movie with Tex Ritter (Take Me Back To Oklahoma)
in 1940 and served a hitch in the Army that was severely shortened by a
medical discharge. His band was drawing more people than Benny Goodman
and Tommy Dorsey at the time and the band was eventually lured to
California for a syndicated radio show originating from the Fairmont
Hotel in San Francisco. Many of these shows survive today in an album
called The Tiffany Transcriptions, the first time the band was able to
exceed the three-minute song limits on 78 rpm records and really stretch out
their sound for all to hear.

binge drinking became a problem later in his career as he toured to
keep funding a pretty lavish lifestyle for the times. He moved from
California back to Oklahoma City and opened a club in Dallas, Texas
that ended up being a dismal failure due to the dishonest managers
hired by Bob. Eventually tax problems arising from the failed club
wiped him out financially. Bob suffered from a stroke in 1969 that ended
his career.

The legacy of Bob Wills endured through the decades.
Just about any country and western performer will list Bob as an
influence on their music. In 1973, a reunion was planned for all of the
Texas Playboys including Bob Wills. They titled the album “For The Last Time”.
Bob Wills only did some his famous hollerin’ and speakin’ on a couple
of the tracks during the first session because of the advanced
deterioration of his health. He then suffered a stroke overnight and
then he had a big stroke a few days later.

The Texas Playboys completed For The Last Time
without their leader, who by the completion of the album was in a coma.
Bob Wills remained comatose until his death May 13, 1975. Even though
Bob is barely on this album, For The Last Time
is probably the best summation of the history of Bob Wills and The
Texas Playboys due to its retrospective nature and the bittersweet
circumstances of its creation. And, because of it late date, Bob Wills
and The Texas Playboys have never sounded better–unlike the muted and
scratchy sound of a 78 rpm record. It is highly recommended that you
listen to this album just so you can hear how good this band really sounded. You can still hear
the sounds of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys these days. The Cains
Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma has celebrated Bob’s birthday with a
weekend of western swing every year since his death in 1975. And, even some
surviving members of The Playboys show up for a little
honky-tonkin’ …..