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Are You A Robot?

Are you a robot – or do you think for yourself?

Think about it – carefully.

Awful Food: Meat Lumps Dinner

Varnished in orange sauce with potato flake paste, vegetable mishmash and a surprise dessert. Awful fast and awful good! Just heat and serve.

Bon appétit!

Mental Demons

Are mental demons holding you back?

Please check all that apply:

  • Poor vocabulary 
  • Lack of will power
  • Rasping voice
  • Hazy ideas
  • Worry and fear
  • Stage fright
  • Poor memory
  • Timidness
  • Ineffective speech
  • Weak personality
  • Lack of concentration
  • Self consciousness 

Atomic Suit

Atomic suit inflated with conditioned air. The girl in the picture is wearing an anti-radiation suit. She is ready for her atomic job, handling a Geiger counter and protected by the inflated plastic garment. She can detect floating radioactive particles without danger of contamination. Goodyear-made, the suit is air-conditioned for comfort.

Baby Beatniks

Baby beatniks go to a party in Brighton, Australia. They look like really cool kittens.

Put It On …

Now – you see people – they can’t see you. Hey space cadet, a paper bag works the same way – just add peep holes.

Order yours today! Or, just use a paper bag.

Awful Food: Perfumed Beef With Bean Sprouts

Goodness knows why this beef is perfumed. Maybe it’s a little past expiration? Don’t forget the MSG, it preserves the awfulness!

Bon appétit!