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Go-Go Wig

Be a “swinger” – wear a Go-Go Wig!

If you long for the glamour of shoulder-length hair, don’t wait for yours to grow! Just slip into this youthful, flattering long-bob wig and instantly, you’re ready to dance the night away at your favorite discotheque.

Looks like real hair in natural color, comes on a wide cotton band in front with elastic back to fit any head.

Go-Go Wig . . . . . . $5.98

Mustache Trainer

Use this wonderful trainer. Worn five minutes in the morning trains any mustache for all day to the shape desired, and permanently after using a few times, assuring comfort and improved appearance.

It will be found that nearly all gentlemen with nice and well-trained mustaches use one of these Kaiser Trainers.

It overcomes every objectionable feature of a mustache.

Legs … Position Can Be Everything!

According to psychologists, the position of your legs can reveal your intentions and secrets. This handy guide tells you what your legs are telling everyone else.






Model No. 701

Young men’s three-button notch lapel style. Very distinctively styled. Order yours today!

Mechanical And Automatic?

Question: Should washing, dressing, eating, etc. be mechanical and automatic?

Answer: Yes, these very necessary personal habits should be completed with a minimum of energy. This will leave your thoughts free to concentrate on more important problems.

Be Fair To Your Hair

Wake up your scalp with new electric-automatic Vitabrush! Want better looking hair? Embarrassed by falling dandruff, itching scalp? Get the new Vitabrush, the electric-automatic brush with built-in head motor.

Vitabrush gives scalp and hair invigorating “workout” in just 3 minutes. Cleans scalp, stimulates blood supply, distributes the natural oil. Fun to use – relaxing. Satisfaction guaranteed!

The Look You Want

The look you want – when you want it. You will be amazed at the exciting change in you personal appearance! Wear each one independently or combine them for the effect you desire.

The combinations are limitless!