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Go-Go Wig

Be a “swinger” – wear a Go-Go Wig!

If you long for the glamour of shoulder-length hair, don’t wait for yours to grow! Just slip into this youthful, flattering long-bob wig and instantly, you’re ready to dance the night away at your favorite discotheque.

Looks like real hair in natural color, comes on a wide cotton band in front with elastic back to fit any head.

Go-Go Wig . . . . . . $5.98

Mustache Trainer

Use this wonderful trainer. Worn five minutes in the morning trains any mustache for all day to the shape desired, and permanently after using a few times, assuring comfort and improved appearance.

It will be found that nearly all gentlemen with nice and well-trained mustaches use one of these Kaiser Trainers.

It overcomes every objectionable feature of a mustache.

Be Fair To Your Hair

Wake up your scalp with new electric-automatic Vitabrush! Want better looking hair? Embarrassed by falling dandruff, itching scalp? Get the new Vitabrush, the electric-automatic brush with built-in head motor.

Vitabrush gives scalp and hair invigorating “workout” in just 3 minutes. Cleans scalp, stimulates blood supply, distributes the natural oil. Fun to use – relaxing. Satisfaction guaranteed!