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The True Story Of Dirque Du Soleil

His name, which is his real name, is Dirque du Soleil.

Dirque’s heyday was in the decade that Tom Wolfe called the “Me Decade” – the Seventies. Dirque however, chose to tag this decade as the Decade of Dirque, which was among some of the rather ego-centric niceties that adorned his party-boy personality back in the day. And what days they were ….

Dirque du Soleil Portrait

He has called every decade since 1979 the “Decade of Dirque” largely due to the fact that his looks have not changed over the years. His meticulously feathered hair, airplane collars, platform disco shoes and gold-chained medallions may give him away in certain circles but nobody seems to notice or care.

Dirque du Soleil   Dirque du Soleil

Dirque du Soleil hails from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California where he was raised by hippie acrobats who eventually left him to join a French circus. After his parents left, Dirque survived by appearing in several “off-the-lot” film productions and by giving Hustle lessons at the local discotheque. Even though he was never on Love Boat, he has served as a consultant for many 70s revival television shows over the years.


Dirque still lives in the Valley in a house that surprisingly looks like Mike and Carol Brady’s house complete with deep-pile shag carpet, a very colorful kitchen and a housekeeper named Monique.

Meet the King of Dirque! He’s a big bright shining star!

Dirque du Soleil Logo 144ppi

Expect A Jumpsuit!

Expect A Jumpsuit!

Oral Roberts (1918 – 2009) was an American Methodist-Pentecostal televangelist and a Christian charismatic. He founded the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His  famous catchphrase was “Expect A Miracle” … that is, until one day when Elvis Presley visited Oral Roberts in Tulsa.

Expect A Jumpsuit

Expect A Jumpsuit! Elvis is here.

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