Put It On …

Now – you see people – they can’t see you. Hey space cadet, a paper bag works the same way – just add peep holes.

Order yours today! Or, just use a paper bag.

Awful Food: Perfumed Beef With Bean Sprouts

Goodness knows why this beef is perfumed. Maybe it’s a little past expiration? Don’t forget the MSG, it preserves the awfulness!

Bon appétit!

Males With Long Hair

Males with long hair will be attended to last!

Long hair is:

  1. Hair falling across the forehead and touching the eyebrows.
  2. Hair covering the ears.
  3. Hair reaching below an ordinary shirt collar.

Dress Right For Safety

Dress right for safety in the shipyard! You may look well dressed but you will be safer dressed like this …

Playtime’s Over, Doll

She felt her heart being smothered against his as he snatched her with his vise-like grip ….

Shag Carpet Rake

A natural for combing the beauty back into your carpeting. Rigid, durable hi-impact head (14″ wide) with 13 tines that will not tear, snag or harm carpet. Sturdy but lightweight, easier to use than others we’ve tried. Double lacquered 4 ft. wood handle. Get one for a friend too, she’ll love you for it.

We Can Get You Any Kind Of Insurance

Insurance is a practice or arrangement by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. In theory, most anything can be insured against potential losses – even Go-Go girls!

Insure yourself against Go-Go girl losses!

We accept Go-Go Girl Insurance … ask for Cookie.

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